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The 30 mm Round Shot Glass Gives New Meaning to the Term “Another Round”

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In its first life, this 30 mm round was fired from the AN/GAU-8 Avenger Gun System.  The gun was so massive it required an equally imposing aircraft for the Herculean task of carrying this beast of a weapon.  The Close Air Support Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft, also known as the “warthog,” a nickname earned because of its large, hunkering appearance and slow, low flight, was the plane for the job.  But even this monstrous craft had to be supported by a jack when the Gatling-style gun was removed or it would teeter off balance.  Seven barrels rained down 4,200 rounds in a single minute at 5 mil, 80% accuracy from the behemoth “tankbuster.”  According to the website,, the real kicker in these rounds was half a pound of depleted uranium.  

The Science of Packaging Design


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When marketing guru Seth Godin uses the term “clutter” he is referring to the onslaught of marketing messages consumers are inundated with.  This “clutter” includes the colors, shapes, font types, sizes and overall designs of the packages holding our products.  We are living in a modern Babel and it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed on a retail shelf or a mobile screen.  In the midst of this shouting match it is the effective package that gets noticed.  Whether it speaks loudly or softly, the design of this potential first impression is paramount to the product’s success.

What is in a first impression?  According to, we are attracted to a particular product not by any logical means, but by instinct and emotion.  Our unconscious mind is attracted by color, shape, and emotional connection, reacting well before the logical part of our brain kicks in.

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