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A Motion Light We Can Love

I recently installed the Home Zone Security Triple Head LED Motion Sensor Security Light (Model ES06553G) beneath the eaves of my own home and have been extremely pleased.


Mounting this thoroughly modern light was easy. There are clearly marked terminals (N for white, L for black and GND for ground) for wire insertion which made the connections as easy as popping speaker wire into the back of a stereo. No twisting on of wire nuts or messing with electric tape high up on the ladder. One big screw secured the light to a mounting plate screwed onto your junction box.


I wanted a bright light to stay on while my dogs went down the steps and went into the yard. This one will stay on 1, 3 or 7 minutes. I chose 7 because my dogs need to scream their heads off at nothing for about 5 minutes. This would leave them 2 minutes to do what they need to do then walk as slowly as possible up the stairs while I hold the door open letting all the bugs into my house. You can also choose a brightness setting and a sensitivity to motion setting. The bulbs can be adjusted to fan out and cast light wider or more narrow depending upon your preference.


At about $40 from Amazon, this little light has been great. Reliable and powerful (try not to look directly at it), I highly recommend it.

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