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Aluminum Foil Molds and Templates

Use aluminum foil to replicate odd shapes or short stair stringers for exact reproductions.

The stairs came down the left side.

Stair stringers are challenging for me because I often use the “measure twice cut 3-4 times” rule and have to buy extra wood. I needed to make one additional stair stringer for a client who wanted to extend his porch stairs. This time I unrolled aluminum foil and pressed it against the side of the original stringer to get an exact template. I moved it over to my 2x6 and used a straight edge (aluminum ruler) and box cutter to etch in the lines I would follow to cut.

The stairs are now centered.

Tin foil came in handy when I had to cut a block of wood that wood help redirect water running down a small swale used to keep rain water from flooding over a patio. I lightly balled up a few feet of the foil and pressed it gently into the space to form a mold of the shape of the swale, which was about 8 inches deep and 12 inches wide. The sides were uneven since it was just a trench cut into dirt. I then traced the edges of the foil form to cut a 2x6 to the appropriate shape. Later, with a couple sticks of rebar inserted, the little funky dam worked.

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